PowerScribe 360

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Key benefits

The power in PowerScribe 360 Reporting

Meet the gold standard for radiology reporting. With an installed base of over 1,900 healthcare providers, proven speech recognition technology, and a collaborative partnership with the American College of Radiology, Nuance PowerScribe 360 Reporting is the most trusted and most efficient solution for radiology reporting.


Award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition engine delivers unsurpassed accuracy up to 99%. More accuracy means less editing with PowerScribe 360 Reporting.


A full range of dictation styles are supported to accommodate individual styles and preferences as well as provide maximum productivity and flexibility—whether you self-edit or use a transcription service.


Built-in access to configurable data capture and extraction tools enables information to be captured when it is needed most, streamlining workflows and improving accuracy.


Dynamic, efficient report generation expedites workflows to improve productivity, reduce turnaround times, eliminate manual data entry and enhance collaboration


PowerScribe 360 Reporting’s structured data architecture as well as its integration with PowerShare Image Sharing reduce error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry.


Universal data integration capabilities allow easy import of discrete data directly from modalities and through the DICOM SR, saving time and eliminating data entry errors.


What's new in PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0


PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0 delivers enhanced core functionality to improve usability, administration and security. It also enables valuable enhancements to optional add-ons.

Smart AutoText

A new generation in AutoText technologies enables referenced fields to drive intra-report content creation, accelerating time to report completion while ensuring thorough, compliant and accurate report content.

Overread workflow

New overread workflow option allows greater flexibility to physicians when requesting additional input on a specific report by routing it to the appropriate specialist or section.

Enhanced radiology optimization

PowerScribe 360 4.0 is now upgraded with Dragon for Radiology (v12.5), customized for radiology to improve the overall speech experience while limiting upgrade disruption.