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With Dictaphone's Digital Dictation solution, you can easily record your medical reports using your telephone, mobile, PDA, PC or any other recording device.

Your recording(s) will then be automatically sent to your assistant to be transcribed and returned to you for final review and sign off.

Alternatively, using Dictaphone's real-time voice recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical), you can create reports on the fly by simply dictating your report directly to your PC, editing it and signing it off.

This effective and error-free process will save you valuable time, cost and effort that are normally associated with generating medical documentation the traditional way.

It will also ensure that all your medical records are properly and accurately documented.

You will be able to store and archive all your medical records digitally creating a paper-free environment which saves you precious storage space and gives you easy access to your patients' medical history.

Our solution is compatible with most platforms in the industry, and using HL7 standards, we can integrate with any existing IT infrastructure.

The technology is here and ready. Are you?

Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions

By fully understanding the industry's changing needs, Emerging Technologies has become a major force in the healthcare industry with its broad range of innovative products for Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition solutions. The groundbreaking products of the Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition category include:

  • Dictaphone PowerScribe
  • Enterprise Express
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Medical

With many hospitals now going digital (filmless/paperless), these dictation speech solutions assist healthcare organizations by:

  • Streamlining their medical reporting and document management
  • Improving efficiency with enhanced report turn-around time
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing physician productivity and better care through more immediate access to electronic patient information


Healthcare organizations have used electronic medical record (EMRs) software with some degree of success for many years now.

The one, major downside to EMRs, however, is the need to create the records manually through the use of a transcriptionist. Unfortunately, transcription is a slow and costly process - one that has cost healthcare organizations a substantial amount of money and time on manual transcription services. In fact, a single physician often spends as much as $25,000 per year to digitize patient information.

In other words, any money that a healthcare organization saves using an EMR is often negated due to the high cost of transcription services.

In addition, the slow process of transcription is also a burden on healthcare organizations which often require a faster turnaround time regarding their records.

The Solution

Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions from Nuance provides speech recognition, dictation and transcription systems and services which are designed to simplify and enhance the production and management of electronic patient documentation.

As the world's leading provider of speech recognition, dictation and transcription systems and services, Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions offers a wide range of solutions for the healthcare enterprise, from the largest of hospitals to even the smallest of clinics and physician groups.

In fact, Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions, through Dragon Naturally Speaking, provides the latest powered speech recognition technologies to more than 4,000 hospitals, clinic and group practices and over 400,000 healthcare providers.

Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions offers a wide range of solutions and applies the latest in Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Internet technologies to deliver improved productivity, complete physician satisfaction and optimum patient care.

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