Xpress Connect

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Offering Point-to-Point connectivity over Etisalat’s MPLS network, Xpress Connect provides scalable Layer 2 Ethernet VPN service similar to Layer 2 leased line but with the benefits of connectivity.

Available in two options:
1) Platinum – Each link provides real time traffic such as video and voice application.
2) Essential – Each link provides non-real time traffic such as data base and business application.


  • Intranet VPN – Connect all remote sites into an Intranet.
  • Any-to-any connectivity – Create fully meshed and efficient network with any-to-any communication between sites.
  • Security – VPN connectivity over Dedicated MPLS network from Etisalat.
  • Flexibility – Simple to redefine customer network topology
  • Scalability – Increasing volume and complexity in network easily handled through Etisalat MPLS network architecture
  • Quality of Service – Support for various Guaranteed Classes of Services
  • Availability & Reliability – Etisalat MPLS network redundancies
  • International Connectivity – Connect sites in UAE and around the world


  • Create Point-To-Point communication network between two sites
  • Multiple bandwidth options from 128KB up to 10GB
  • Charges based on office location in UAE, not distance
  • Support of voice, data, and multimedia
  • Ethernet interface standardized