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A digital alternative to standard analogue phone lines, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) offers your business much greater flexibility
ISDN is available in two versions:
1) ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
2) IPrimary Rate Access (PRI):


  • ISDN BRI available with 64Kbps or 128Kbps transfer rates. Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) comes standard.
  • Basic Rate Interface (BRI) supports two dial-up services simultaneously. For example, use one line for voice calls and the other for data access. A Basic Rate ISDN line can have up to 8 associated multi-subscriber numbers.
  • IPrimary Rate Access (PRI) provides a2Mbps pipeline to your business with 30 channels, each with 64Kbps speed. They can be used for dial-up services or voice.