Voice Recognition IVR

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By implementing a self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, contact centers can reduce staff while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. And by offering customers the option to access information without an agent, more agents are free to handle calls that can’t be handled with the self-service option.
In today’s challenging economy, many call centers face the need to cut operating expenses without sacrificing customer satisfaction. With sophisticated voice portal and self-service Web applications from Emerging Technologies to automate tasks, they can do just that. And our applications are a cost-effective solution to replace existing self-service applications that are reaching the end of their life or just too expensive to maintain.



Reduce costs

With self-service applications, businesses can reduce staff and operating expenses.

Increased revenue

Self-service applications mean the same number of agents can handle more calls. And reduced costs and improved customer service help increase customer loyalty and give the flexibility to offer new services that can bring in new revenue.

Increased efficiency

With verbal responses to prompts, there’s less chance of errors from manually entering numbers on the keypad and more consistent and accurate information. Calls can also be handled more efficiently during periods of high call volume so fewer customer have to wait in queues and agents can be dedicated to more sophisticated tasks. The amount of time agents remain on lines is reduced and the number of calls they can effectively handle is increased.