Voice Biometrics

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Voice Biometric solution is a smart technology taking advantage of the human voice print to identify and verify each and every human according to his/her unique voice print, this technology eliminates fraud, secures transactions and decreases verification time to give the consumer the best experience and satisfaction, among many other advantages.






Existing data security technology can be easily compromised by fraud, identity theft, and social engineering attacks. And authentication approaches using a single factor like passwords or challenge questions just can’t provide the safeguards needed to make remote services secure. Fortunately, VocalPassword from Nuance provides the safeguards you need with cutting edge voice biometric technology to identify and verify speakers.
Easy to install and integrate with existing VoiceXML and IVR platforms, VocalPassword verifies a speaker during interaction with voice applications and can be text dependent or independent, but is always language and accent independent.
Meeting the strictest standards for global security, Vocal Password has successfully met numerous independent security audits and features the highest degree of accuracy available. Highly effective against identify fraud and very user friendly, its uses include secure access to telephony, Web applications and remote services applications.


  • Accent, language and ASR independent
  • Multi-engine infrastructure that is text prompted and text dependent or independent
  • Unsurpassed and proven algorithmic accuracy
  • VoiceXML and MRCP support with Web Service interface
  • Advanced help desk and administration tools
  • High availability, multisite scalability
  • Role based authorization, integrated security


  • Cost savings
  • More automation
  • Security based on multifactor biometrics
  • Increased customer satisfaction


A comprehensive system for audio processing, S.P.I.D. (Speaker Identification and Detection) 7.1.2 is able to efficiently search and find a target voice even from large volumes of intercepted multi-speaker phone calls. No matter what language, S.P.I.D. uses cutting edge technology and biometric algorithms to match voices to a database of voiceprints and then alerts intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to calls in which a targeted speaker voice is participating.
A world leader in speaker verification technology that is text independent, Nuance ‘s newest version of S.P.I.D. offers unrivaled accuracy, security and scalability and easily integrates with existing monitoring centers. Customers can integrate it into monitoring systems that already exist or use it as a standalone investigative tool


  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Language, accent, and text independent
  • Supports for multi-speaker or single speaker calls
  • Integrated security and role-based authorization
  • Quick and easy integration with any monitoring center via Web service interface
  • High availability, multisite scalability
  • Web-based security and administration management applications


  • More efficient monitoring
  • Automatic speaker filtering for extended coverage
  • Confidence scoring for prioritized call transcription
  • Automatic and immediate speaker detection


Using cutting edge biometric technology, FreeSpeech 7.0 can identify and verify speakers in the background of conversations and is the most comprehensive program of its type available today.

Key Features

  • Text-independent
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Quick and easy integration via Web service interface
  • Role-based authorization
  • Integrated security
  • Multisite high availability
  • Scalability, multi tenancy
  • Web-based security and administration management applications

Key Benefits

  • Greater efficiency from reduced handling time
  • Better customer experience
  • Multifactor security
  • No authentication questions