Call Steering

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With their complicated menus, touchtone and other self-service systems can mean misrouted calls, wasted time and frustrated customers. With our Call Steering solution, calls are handled accurately and cost-effectively, and misrouted calls are a thing of the past. A customer calling in is immediately asked by the program’s digital agent, “How can I help you?” and routed to the correct contact center agent or self-service application according to their response.
All inbound calls can be directed by Call Steering, which uses our Speak Freely technology to understand a caller’s intent, even if different words are used to make a request. If more information is needed to determine intent, Speak Freely asks additional questions for clarification before routing the call,  if it determines that more information is needed or that the caller’s purpose is unclear. By replacing outdated touch-tone or other speech-based IVR systems, contact centers can save millions of dollars every year with Call Steering.

Benefits of call steering

  • Cost-effective and accurate call routing
  • Multiple phone numbers can be combined
  • Enhance caller experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Proven and reliable technology

Cost-effective, accurate call routing

In the fewest steps possible, Call Steering routes customers to the correct destination quickly and efficiently. Shortcuts to submenus that are frequently requested, dialog disambiguation and proven recovery strategies are used to help speed calls and ensure customer satisfaction.

Multiple phone number consolidation

Multiple contact centers with different customer service phone numbers are joined as one through Call Steering deployment.

Enhanced caller experience

By letting customers use their own words to describe what they want, complicated touchtone menus are eliminated and customer satisfaction increased.

Reduced call center costs

Call Steering systems can decrease the number of misrouted calls, enhance your total call automation rates and shorten call times, meaning greater efficiency and less cost.

Proven and Reliable Technology

With Call Steering solutions based on the leading network speech recognizer, Nuance Recognizer, you can be assured you’re using the industry’s best that is certified to use with leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms. At Emerging Technologies, we also specialize in designing techniques and tools that speed up deployment, automatically generate code, and facilitate management and configuration. And with our domain expertise, we’re specialists in testing and deployment for specific industries.