Increasing Productivity with Speech Recognition Softwares

At one time, the concept of speech recognition software existed almost exclusively in the world of science-fiction films. Remember the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey? This was probably the film that first popularized the concept of talking to a computer. When people first viewed this film, they look at speech recognition programs as pure fantasy.

LUNA Smooths Out Speech Recognition

If you are accustomed to handling quite a lot of your personal business over the telephone then chances are that you are quite familiar with automated speech recognition. Although this system is wonderfully convenient at times, as well as being rather cost effective, it can be a bother. It would be even more wonderful if all you needed to do was to tell the system exactly what you want.

Etisalat Receives Award For Customer Care From The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute

Etisalat received the customer care award because of their excellent customer service which even met the highest of international standards. Because Etisalat has such a strong corporate culture and are also very passionate about their customers receiving the best service possible it is no wonder that they were given this prestigious award. It was presented to them by the chairman of the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, Mr. Ali Al Kamel.

Nuance To Acquire Part of IBM's Speech Technology

Speech recognition player Nuance has just recently gone public with regards to their acquisition of a percentage of IBM's speech technology. Having IBM's source code at their disposal will effectively enable Nuance to make much needed improvements to both its embedded and network-based speech recognition technologies. Inevitably, such an aggressive acquisition, together with the ensuing relationship has many people questioning Nuance's technology and IBM's motives.

Etisalat Launches Innovative Voice Activated Directory Service

As part of its ongoing efforts to deliver greater customer satisfaction, Etisalat has announced on 19 January 2009, the launch of its innovative Voice Activated Directory service. Callers dialing the 181 service in the UAE will now be dealt with much quicker. The service is currently only available to landline customers, but will soon cover Etisalat's mobile network.

Arabic Poetry At The Touch Of A Button!

Saudi Telecom (STC) recently launched its new gem of a product – Same3ni poetic passages.  Same3ni is the first of its kind, following the same voice recognition technology that made Same3ni Tadawul so popular.

Speech Recognition Technology Makes Calling AA Easier

According to American Airlines, their customers will be able to access flight information with the minimum of difficulty thanks to speech recognition technology.  This naturally improves its service to its customers, especially those who fly with them often.

Speech Recognition Software Offers Productivity Boost Via Efficiencies To Workflow At PoC

The technologies and industry standard practices in the healthcare field have been making rapid advancements and people have come to rely on the methodology and technologies used by healthcare providers to perform the near impossible. While there may be no such thing as a miracle cure, there are plenty of healthcare providers out there who are providing higher than ever levels of quality care through technologies which are nothing short of miraculous.

HCA’s Radiology Reports Cuts Off Turnaround Times With The Speech Recognition System

A central London Healthcare facility, the HCA International, has launched a speech recognition -based radiology reporting on 12 sites. This advancement has lowered the average report creation times from the previous 12 hours to only 2:40 minutes. Acceptance level on radiologist has exceeded the 60% goal by the end of the project.

Over 60 Percent On-Device Automation Rate Achieved by Mobile Care Solution - Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communication has announced that the recent trials and operation of the Nuance Mobile Care Solution has proved to considerably lessen calls that are forwarded to live agents by more than 60 percent. The Nuance Mobile Care affords clients with the ability to solve simple problems such as customer care and billing directly and instantly on the handset all on their own.