Digital Medical Transcription with Voice Activation Software

Digital medical transcription with voice activation software will save you time and money, while improving patient care. But, not any software will do. You need to find the program specifically designed for the medical profession, with the pre-programmed massive dictionary to give you the accurate documents you need.

Valuable Time


Dictation Software Has Multiple Benefits

If you are on the computer typing documents a lot, or have employees that do the task for you, consider how investing in dictation software has multiple benefits. If the technology is there, why not take advantage of the tools that will improve finances, the quality of care, and communication.

Medical Transcription


Dragon Natural Speech Recognition Software

If you want to experience one of the greatest technological advances of the computer age, you need Dragon natural speech recognition software. It is amazing! Hands-free, you can control your computer, type documents, and even surf the Net.

Work Hands Free with Dragon Dictation

Work hands free with Dragon dictation software.  Why wait until you have carpel tunnel syndrome and need surgery; why wait until arthritis causes you to file for disability and quit a job; why wait to finish a document, when you voice can do the typing 3 times faster, and you can be more productive.  Dragon dictation has you covered.

Strain Injury


Not All Computer Microphones Are Created Equal

If you are searching for the right accessories to compliment you voice recognition software, be aware that not all computer microphones are created equal.  Although it may cost a little more, the right kind of mike can determine whether the program works as intended.

What to Look For


You - Dictation And Dragon Naturally Speaking 9

Are you one of those individuals who would rather talk than type? Do you sit at your computer and peck away at each and every stroke of the keyboard after hunting it down to create words? Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 may be just what you are searching for when it comes to your needs of dictation!

Speech Recognition Technology On The Move

It is no surprise that speech recognition software, is taking off at such a high pace in the world today. Everyone wants to excel and exceed their ability to communicate, store and retrieve some sort of data or media. Worldwide, everyone is mobile or going mobile. It is such a convenient and easier means of staying in touch and getting tasks accomplished.

Digital Voice Recorders and Speech Recognition - Making Transcription Easy

Digital voice recorders and speech recognition have made it possible for you to be able to not only dictate what you want but obtain a hard copy transcript with minimal fuss. It used to be that you would dictate using a tape deck or even the even further outdated short hand written out by a secretary and then have someone else translate or transcribe to create the script.


Voice Recognition Software & Head-Mounted Computers

Are you ready for voice recognition software and head-mounted computers? If so you will be thrilled to learn about all the great things Motorola has in store for us! Get ready to get in line like everyone else who is interested in enjoying him or herself.

What Is The Big Deal About Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition software provides programming to electronics that enables them to respond to voice commands. Voice recognition features controlling numerous types of electronic devices virtually hands-free.