Try Dragon Dictate Software

If you type or write for a living, try Dragon dictate software and see your productivity increase substantially. If your hands get tired, you have strain injuries, or you have joint pain, Dragon dictate can keep you productively working-hands free. It is also great for the work-at-home parent that needs to multitask. In the Beginning At first, the Dragon dictate software may seem a little daunting. It knows so many commands, and it has a massive dictionary. But, it needs to learn how to recognize your voice and the way you say different words. It does not care if you have an accent or a speech problem. Once it has been taught how you speak, it hears the words you intend to say, and they appear on the document, open a program, or help you surf the Web. The more you use the program, the more accurate it becomes. In the EndAfter you have used Dragon dictate software for a while, chances are you will not know what you ever did without it. The computer will follow your instructions as fast as you can talk, whether you want to open you email and send a note, or start typing a term paper for college. You can give your hands a break. Rock your baby to sleep, while using Dragon dictate for a document that has to be completed as soon as possible. Do the dishes will working on that paper; or just relax and let your voice do the typing, while you concentrate on the next phrase. In the end, if you are often on your computer, you and Dragon dictate will be inseparable.