The Benefits of Voice Activated Software and Voice Recognition

Voice recognition or voice activated applications have become an increasingly popular concept in recent years. The idea that a person is able to speak into a microphone attached to a computing device and have those words typed out used to be the stuff of science fiction. It however, is now reality.

voice-activated1.jpg Everyone from doctors, writers and the disabled are making use of voice recognition software and voice activated applications. What used to have to be dictated to secretaries or took hours to write out by hand can be submitted directly through the use of voice activated software to a word processing program. A small amount of editing and the document is ready to go.

The key behind voice recognition software is the ability for technology to covert a person's voice into a recognizable data pattern. Everyone speaks slightly differently, an accent or simply the way a phrase is put together. This makes it impossible for the computer to translate without first being trained. All voice activated software applications and programs that are compatible with voice recognition are going to require some kind of user specific training.

The training allows the computer to create a template matching a set of words on screen with those same words as spoken and converted inputted user data. When the program is later used outside of the training function, the spoken words are matched with the original input data from the training program, which is matched to the typed word.

Originally, speech or voice recognition software was limited to a specific program or a specific piece of equipment. However, advances in technology have made it possible for voice activated protocols to be placed in almost every program allowing not only programs but also large portions of computer systems to run off voice recognition.

There are a number of non-business based benefits to the use of voice recognition software applications. For example, it gives those individuals who are blind or who cannot manipulate a keyboard due to a physical disability the opportunity to make use of a computer and in many cases gain a level of independence. Voice activated programs can allow people with disabilities to be able to work and in some cases obtain an unknown level of self sufficiency.

These are just some of the outside of business benefits. Inside the office the benefits of voice recognition and voice activated applications are numerous. Creating documents, memos, and reports can easily be spoken leaving hands free to complete other tasks. Phone calls can be made via voice over IP software applications, which rely on the ability of the computer to convert voice into data.

In many cases, it breaks down to a simple case of mathematics. The average office worker types between 50-70 words per minute. However, speech recognition programs can handle 120 words per minute at 98% accuracy with proper training, even editing can be accomplished through the use of voice activated programming. This makes the use of these types of software applications a way to increase productivity as well as giving individuals with disabilities new ways to interact and work.