Medical Transcription & Digital Dictation

Reduce the administrative time and costs associated with transcription with Digital Dictation and Transcription systems. These Nuance products are the industry standard for good reason. They significantly reduce transcription costs, while speeding up report turnaround time through the efficient creation and distribution of medical reports.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 Standard

Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 Standardis still one of the best voice activation programs on the market today. It still enables you to surf the Web, create documents, and open programs, all with the power of your voice. All you need is a computer, a headset, and a little time to train the program to recognize your personal speech patterns.

Old Faithful


Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0

If you want to try one of the best voice activation software on the market, but you do not want to break your piggy bank, try Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0. It has already been outdated by its big brother, version 10, but it is still a great program.

Personally Speaking

The Benefits of Voice Activated Software and Voice Recognition

Voice recognition or voice activated applications have become an increasingly popular concept in recent years. The idea that a person is able to speak into a microphone attached to a computing device and have those words typed out used to be the stuff of science fiction. It however, is now reality.

Nuance Launches Its First Modern Standard Arabic Text-to-Speech Voice

EMEA Vanessa Richter Nuance Communications International +32-9-239 80 31 Email:


Nuance VocalizerTM Voice Portfolio Now Features Arabic Male Voice Maged; Supports More Than 40 Languages Featuring 54 Different Voices

Try Dragon Dictate Software

If you type or write for a living, try Dragon dictate software and see your productivity increase substantially. If your hands get tired, you have strain injuries, or you have joint pain, Dragon dictate can keep you productively working-hands free. It is also great for the work-at-home parent that needs to multitask.

Naturally Speaking with Dragon 9

How would you like to ease your workload by naturally speaking with Dragon 9? Forget the strain of typing, until your fingers hurt and your wrists are sore.