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Two-way exchange of dictation files with the Web access tool
Simplified administration with central configuration tools
Pre-defined settings automate workflow
Superior password protection offered by DSS Pro files

Greater Flexibility

Outsourcing ability made easy by Web access tool
Graphical output for queries provided by Statistic Module
Dictations processed smoothly by Workflow Manager

System highlights

Optimized productivity via Management Dashboards
Automated workflows via predefined settings
Easy transfer of dictation files via Web access tool
Simplified administration with central configuration tools
DSS Pro file format assures content is confidential
Thin-client roll-out assured by Citrix compatibility


Adapt the software to any dictation or other professional need you might have using one, two or all three of its optional modules.


Intuitive interface means that all relationships of authors and transcriptionists, definition of work groups and work routing can be easily and centrally defined. And it’s easy to set up scheduling for when dictations should be sent and to whom with everything else easily completed by the workflow manager. Predefined settings assure the reliable transfer of dictation files.

Central Configuration

Using a friendly and intuitive Windows-based interface, it’s easy for administrators to centrally set up system actions and add or modify users and control and monitor the system, with the result being a coherent, company wide user interface.

Web Access

Easy Web access is provided by an online Web interface that provides easy uploads for dictation or transcribed files as well as providing administrators with statistic browsing and license management.

Author Advantages

Urgent jobs can easily be marked and work in progress easily tracked with the system notifying authors on completion. And the program’s robust security assures only the author and those that are authorized are able to access files.

Transcriptionist Advantages

Since SpeechExec Enterprise relies on all digital technology, you no longer have to deal with standalone transcription devices or cassettes. With computer access to digital files and top quality playback, more accurate and faster transcription is assured. And complete visual identification of work facilitates more efficient planning for workloads.
In addition to the benefits of visual information, a new feature provides automated job notification, meaning transcriptionists are able to begin work immediately once they receive dictation files.

Administrator Advantages

With passwords that are workstation independent, users can log on to any of a network’s computers, with confidential job routing providing security at the highest level. And centralized control of workflow means administrators always know exactly where each job is in the process and its status.

Digital Standards

There’s simply no better audio quality than that provided by DSS and DSS Pro file formats. And the format’s impressive compression rate means much smaller file size for greater storage capacity and smoother, more efficient flow of network traffic. And the digital format means file headers can store much more information such as document type and patient or clients names for even more efficient organization of files.