PowerScribe 360

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Combining advanced speech recognition technology, multisite workflow, data capture and structured reporting in a single application, PowerScribe 360 brings unparalleled speed accuracy and control to radiology reporting and transcription. The new standard for data capture, report creation and multisite workflow, PowerScribe 360’s suite of productivity tools help radiologists create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations more quickly than ever.
In addition to real-time speech recognition, dictation, transcription and correction, PowerScribe 360 provides printing, coding, and faxing capabilities, as well as integrated clinical content, peer review, and a robust set of administrative tools. And with a Web Services API, the program makes it easy to directly integrate applications from third party solution providers and healthcare facilities. 
Based on Dragon Medical’s award winning speech recognition capabilities, PowerScribe 360 has up to 99% accuracy out of the box, with more regional accent support than ever. And it features four main dictation styles for individual physician’s preferences. 
PowerScribe 360 real-time speech recognition options include

  • Delegated Editing - A transcription/correction workflow combined with front-end speech recognition is perfect for radiologists not editing their own reports. A speech-recognized draft is sent to a medical secretary for formatting and corrections. Since dictation no longer has to be keyed in, the time and cost involved in transcription are greatly reduced with increased accuracy. 
  • Self-Editing with Nearly Instant Turnaround - Radiologists are able to view text as they dictate and can edit using any combination of speech, keyboard, and mouse. Microphone controls and voice commands can also be used to make corrections as well as navigate the document, with spoken changes immediately recognized.
  • Auto-Loading Macros - Mapped to procedure codes, macros can be triggered by a number of modifiers, including gender and patient age. Voice commands can be used to navigate and edit numeric fields, pick lists and text blocks.
  • Auto-Structured Reporting - Radiologists can override a macro’s structure format with report content automatically structured using Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The radiologist then gets a final report to edit and review.



Expandable and scalable, PowerScribe 360 is a lightweight, browser based package that offers true multisite architecture and allows for better integration of custom applications with a Web Services API.