Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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With Dragon Medical, you’re able to cut dictation costs and administrative overhead and use those savings for better patient care, particularly important in financially trying times.
With the capability to generate “once and done” documents, Dragon Medical allows doctors to use their own voice to dictate, edit and sign documents, with program macros available to paste frequently used text. Doctors are able to use their own voice to efficiently navigate records and can easily dictate decisions, treatment plans and other information directly into a patient’s electronic record.
In addition to dramatically cutting the time physicians spend documenting care, Dragon Medical includes automatic encryption of both text and audio data, and so the security of patient information and confidentiality is assured. And with up to 99% accuracy and customizations for almost 80 specialties and subspecialties, Dragon Medical helps assure accurate and efficient reporting and better patient care.


Save Time

In healthcare, time is one commodity always in short supply. There are discharge letters and countless other documentation that have to reach others quickly, even as transcriptionists are dealing with an ever-increasing avalanche of paperwork. With Dragon Medical, clinical reports can be dictated up to 3 times faster than if they were typed. And computer entry can be bypassed all together with information entered directly into clinical applications, significantly cutting the time and steps needed to document care.

Cut Costs

In the face of mounting financial challenges facing healthcare institutions, Dragon Medical can significantly improve productivity and efficiency with speech recognition instead of traditional typing, handwriting and transcription. And a host of templates, built-in formatting rules, custom voice commands, and other productivity tools allow for even greater efficiency, accuracy and savings. On average, healthcare organizations using Dragon Medical report transcription cost savings of anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 per doctor each year.

Increase Accuracy

With Dragon Medical, you can share information with colleagues, assured that historical narratives and other information that is dictated directly into clinical applications are clear and accurate. Medical formatting rules help ensure clear and accurate reports and keep. (Remove and keep)

Provide Better Care & Service

Quality care is the top priority for all healthcare professionals and Dragon Medical not only helps ensure more timely and accurate records as part of that care, it also frees up time and resources that would normally be used for transcription. Those resources can then be shifted to other aspects of patient care and satisfaction.


  • In clinical settings, Dragon Medical is 40% more accurate than non-medical Dragon products.
  • A high degree of accuracy is enjoyed even by non-native speakers, with advanced techniques and acoustic models that are accent specific.
  • EHR support makes it easy to navigate and dictate within clinical applications.
  • Medical vocabularies for almost 80 specialties and subspecialties.
  • Audio and text encryption support to protect patient information and confidentiality.
  • In Hidden Mode, click any place in clinical applications during dictation and add text where necessary later.
  • Add voice fields in Dragon templates to automate form-filling applications.
  • Expand abbreviations and follow rules for capitalization with medical formatting rules.
  • Programmable buttons for PowerMic™ to run any Dragon voice command or function.