Dragon Medical Network

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Offered in 22 languages, Dragon Medical Network Edition is a complete solution designed for large practices and hospitals running Citrix-based EHRs. Server based with multiple clients connecting, it allows medical text created by speech recognition to be entered into any application that accepts text.
The new vSync technology from Nuance lets doctors using Citrix-based EHRs seamlessly switch back and forth as needed from dictation to other input methods plus gives them the ability to use voice commands to correct dictation.
A new server-based management console means Dragon Medical 360 can be run as an enterprise IT tool alongside the EHR. The same console also allows for centralized user profile management, with subgroups easily created from various departments or areas and assigned the needed capabilities.
New to the Dragon Medical 360 Network Edition, the enhanced profile optimizer tool called the Language Model/Acoustic Model Optimizer now runs the Acoustic Model/Language Model Optimization (ACO/LMO) software offline on a dedicated server. That means dictation is no longer prevented while ACO/LMO is running and has meant dramatic improvements in the accuracy of recognition.
The Network Edition also assures easy access with secure passwords and logins, single sign-on, and IT-configured Active Directory support.