BlackBerry BES

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Wireless communications have long since stopped being a luxury for just top executives but a necessity for employees at any level of an organization.
With our BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution™, employees have access to the most current and accurate information to make more timely decisions that will boost not only their productivity, but the company’s overall productivity as well.





  • Collaboration  Stay connected with coworkers and have access to the most current information.
  • Email  BlackBerry®’s automatic push delivery extends existing enterprise email
  • Personal Information Management  Synchronize address book, calendar, notes and tasks wirelessly.
  • Messaging  Enjoy mobile access to enterprise instant messaging systems.
  • Personal Productivity Tools   Seamless information access integrating Phone, MMS, SMS, Web and more.
  • Enterprise Data  Enables enterprise applications, data stores, back-end systems, and intranets wirelessly, including sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM), network and systems management (NSM), field service automation (FSA), and more.