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1. What is Business in a Box?

Business in a Box is a unique product that consists of bundled voice, broadband

internet and free IT support built on a unified billing platform. It empowers small

and medium businesses with world class IP telephony, high speed Internet, enhanced

security and ProCare - a 24x7 integrated support system using an easy-to-manage


Key Features

• Broadband connectivity with Wi-Fi access and 24x7 support

• Ability to provide voice lines for up to 19 users

• Unlimited national calls (fixed to fixed)

• 100 free flexi minutes to any mobile or international number every month

• Free ProCare 24x7 integrated support for up to 3 devices (desktops, laptops,

smartphones or tablets) + 1 network printer + 1 business gateway

• Add-on devices available in 24 and 36 month instalment plans

• Ability to add additional devices for as low as AED 30 per month

• All-in-one inclusive bill

2. What are the available Business in a Box packages?

We have tailored our packages to suit both the size of your company and your

business needs. Customers can select the required Total Net Internet package for

their office and Total Talk telephone service for their staff: