Voice Activated Directory

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What is Hello Directory?

Hello Directory provides customers with instant, easy-to-use directory assistance services using revolutionary, voice and speech-enabled technologies. Simply put, your customers will have access to fast, effective and instant directory assistance services, which are utilised by simply speaking their requests into the handset. Hello Directory will change the way you interact with your customers over the phone!

What services does Hello Directory provide?

Hello Directory provides customers with instant voice access to the largest automated directory assistance listings, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - all without the need to use agent-based directories and traditional IVR systems. Callers simply conduct their search by speaking their requests using their natural voice. Hello Directory recognises a caller's voice, natural language, local accent and dialect and eliminates the need to push any keys or wait for a live agent using Speech Recognition Technology. Hello Directory handles large data sources and delivers unmatched automation rates using a customer-friendly system which simulates natural, human conversation.

What problems does Hello Directory solve?

Hello Directory eliminates the need for customers to navigate through countless, touchtone menus or wait in line to speak to a live agent, thereby increasing call center productivity. The cost-effective Hello Directory technology enables companies to save a considerable amount of money, as it costs about one-tenth of what a live agent would cost. Customers receive a faster and more reliable service with Hello Directory than agent-based directories and traditional IVR systems.

How will Hello Directory benefit my company?

  • Higher revenue is generated in a shorter period of time.
  • Customer satisfaction is increased by reducing the time spent on hold.
  • Expenses are reduced by shortening call durations and eliminating the need for live agents.
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased and call recurrence and frequent usage are guaranteed.
  • The number of abandoned calls is reduced.
  • Hello Directory will help position your company as a leader in emerging technologies.

What are the key features of Hello Directory?

  • Customers receive a natural, human-like caller interface while using the Hello Directory technology.
  • Hello Directory supports the broadest and most popular range of voice searches for leading phone directories and is adapted to multiple languages, accents and dialects, thereby pleasing both your Arabic and English speaking callers.
  • The information received by Hello Directory can also be sent by SMS.
  • Hello Directory provides intelligent advanced search techniques for users, which handles large data sources and is capable of supporting millions of listings.
  • The highest levels of automation and success rates are realised when using Hello Directory.
  • Hello Directory provides information read-backs to callers using clear and natural audio prompts.
  • Hello Directory is extremely reliable and is able to support any number of callers at a given time, making it an ideal choice for telecom companies.
  • Hello Directory can be tailored to suit your callers' behaviors and habits by performing a statistical analysis through your Directory Assistance Call Center and determining your callers' most frequent requests. This allows Hello Directory to better interpret and route partial or incomplete caller requests.