Managed Services

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Our Managed Services Model

With On Premise Managed Services from Emerging Technologies, you’ll enjoy lower and more manageable costs and quick, seamless implementation of new speech enabled services without having to worry about the day-to-day operations of those services.

Because of the high initial costs of services from some providers, many businesses think they can’t afford to incorporate highly sophisticated speech enabled solutions in their call center operations. With our affordable On Premise Managed Services, though, you pay just for the services you need. And we take care of the technical expertise and training to integrate those services onsite with your existing infrastructure.

Our On Premise Mangled Services offer the perfect solutions for any organization, especially those that require higher security, do not permit external use of customer data, or who may have already made a considerable investment to support speech applications. Designed to integrate with almost all existing telephone and data infrastructures and based on the world’s leading open standards voice portal platform, our On Premise Solution is designed to support both TDV and VoIP infrastructure and to help ensure your investment is future proof so that it won’t soon be outdated.

With our affordable On Premise Managed Services, there’s no need to worry about upgrades, training, or system maintenance, so you can concentrate on providing the very best service to your customers.