Hello Travel

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What is Hello Travel?

Hello Travel provides customers with instant travel information using revolutionary, voice and speech-enabled technologies. Simply put, your customers will have access to fast, effective and instant travel information, such as flight information, frequent flier account inquiries, price inquiries, availability inquiries and ticket reservations by simply speaking their requests into the handset. Hello Travel will change the way airlines interact with their customers over the phone!

What services does Hello Travel provide?

Callers simply conduct their search by speaking their requests using their natural voice.

  • Hello Travel provides customers with instant voice access to automated customer service functions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all without the need to use complicated touch-tone menus.
  • Hello Travel recognises a caller's voice, natural language, local accent and dialect and eliminates the need to push any keys or wait for a live agent using Speech Recognition Technology.
  • Hello Travel handles large data sources and delivers unmatched automation rates using a customer-friendly system which simulates natural, human conversation.

What problems does Hello Travel solve?

Hello Travel eliminates the need for customers to navigate through countless, touchtone menus or wait in line to speak to a live agent, thereby increasing call center productivity and customer satisfaction. The cost-effective Hello Travel technology enables companies to save a considerable amount of money, as it costs about one-tenth of what a live agent would cost, leading to a rapid ROI in just 3 months. Customers receive a faster and more reliable service with Hello Travel than agent-based directories and traditional IVR systems.

How will Hello Travel benefit my company?

  • Hello Travel is built on a proven and flexible platform that delivers seamless performance and superior reliability. It is also capable of supporting any number of users and callers at any given time.
  • Hello Travel uses a Biometric Voice Authentication interface which protects critical and sensitive interactions and provides secure access through the telephone.
  • The Biometric Voice Authentication interface enables customers to securely log into the Hello Travel system based on the unique features of their voice. The system combines speech recognition and speaker verification to simultaneously identify and authenticate callers in one step.
  • Hello Travel allows customers to transfer to a live agent, if necessary, thereby enabling call center agents to focus on productive calls.
  • Hello Travel will increase your company's brand awareness and help position your company as a leader in emerging technologies.
  • Call center agents are able to focus on complex and higher value transactions, thereby increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Hello Travel shortens call durations, virtually eliminates call hold times and decreases abandoned calls, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Daily and seasonal traffic peaks are easily handled with Hello Travel, thereby eliminating the need to hire additional staff.

What are the key features of Hello Travel?

  • Customers receive a natural, human-like caller interface while using Hello Travel technology.
  • Hello Travel features a large vocabulary for speech recognition support.
  • Hello Travel is adapted to multiple languages, accents and dialects, thereby pleasing both Arabic and English speaking callers.
  • Biometric Voice Authentication ensures personalisation and guarantees a safe and secure authentication.
  • Callers may interrupt the system and speak without waiting for a prompt to finish.
  • Hello Travel provides information read-backs to callers using clear and natural audio prompts.
  • Hello Travel is able to support any number of callers at a given time, making it an ideal choice for travel and airline companies and airports.

Services provided by Hello Travel for airports may include: flight information, gate information, baggage help desk, lost or damaged bag status, airport information line (phone numbers, driving directions, general safety and travel information, etc.), and hotel rates and availability.

Services provided by Hello Travel for airlines and travel companies may include: flight information, gate information, price and seat availability, flight reservation, change or cancel reservations, reservation confirmation, business travel services, frequent flier services, vacation packages information, employee travel booking, and pre-agent interviews.

Hello Travel vs. Live Agent

  • Cost per call of a live agent = AED 3.00. Cost per call of a speech agent = AED 0.20
  • Average call duration of a live agent = 3 minutes. Average call duration of a speech agent = 2 minutes
  • Average hold time for a live agent = 30 seconds. Average hold time for a speech agent = 0 seconds
  • The estimated ROI (Return On Investment) of Speech Recognition Solutions is as low as 2 months