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Telecommunications service providers all over the world face many of the same issues. With a mixture of landline, wireless, Internet, and often cable or satellite television services, managing multiple network infrastructures and backend systems can be extremely difficult and inefficient. Added to that is the downward price pressure of ever-increasing competition and a stream of new and ever more complex products and services. At the same time, providers have to keep services economical for carriers and simple for consumers to use.
With industry leading web, mobile and speech interfaces, advanced speech recognition solutions from Emerging Technologies helps simplify complex interactions and create intuitive interactions for consumers that feel relevant and personal and help increase customer loyalty while reducing costs.
In partnership with Nuance, the world’s leading provider of speech recognition services specializing in enterprise-level customer interaction, Emerging Technologies offers solutions based on customer experience and carrier needs. Our services include application development, business consulting services, solution optimization, managed services and systems integration that are completely customized for individual carriers.
Our complete speech recognition customer contact solutions employ the industry’s leading platforms and standards to create superior customer interaction with significantly greater accuracy than any competitor.


Nuance Mobile Care (NMC)

With the explosion of mobile phones, customers want and need quick access to a variety of services around the clock. And with Nuance Mobile Care (NMC), the customer can manage every aspect of those services from the handset. With no training needed, customers can use the handset’s screen to diagnose configuration problems and then repair them as well as getting account and billing information without the need of an agent.

Caller Authentication

Callers who don’t want to use the Nuance Mobile Care option can move on to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Since providing the best customer care can depend on knowing who the customer calling is, Nuance Caller Authentication uses voice print technology to do just that, meaning customers don’t have to know information such as pins and account numbers that may not be readily available.

Call Steering

Many self-service solutions, especially those that are touchtone based, provide a maze of menu options that lead to misrouted calls and frustrated customers. But with our Call Steering solutions, customers and carriers enjoy cost-effective and accurate routing of calls from a single access point. The speech-recognition based Call Steering system first asks callers, “How can I help you?” Customers can then use their own words to answer and the system routes the call to the correct self service option or an agent.
With Call Steering handling all inbound calls, messages are routed correctly even if different customers use different words to describe their request. If the caller’s intent isn’t clear, the system will then ask additional questions to make sure it is routed correctly. Updating existing speech-based IVR or touchtone systems with Call Steering can save a company millions of dollars every year.

IVR Self-Service

When a customer reaches a carrier’s IVR self-service section, the last thing they want are complex and overwhelming menu options. Automated Interaction Services from Emerging Technologies Professional Services help callers easily and quickly complete tasks.

Outbound Solutions

Finally, there are times when carriers need to contact their customers. The outbound solution from Emerging Technologies allows for automated and personalized calls with actionable items to which the customer can respond. This can help boost customer satisfaction while reducing inbound call volume. And by delivering relevant, interactive communications to customers, it creates new opportunities for revenue.