Hello Government

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With a focus on streamlining processes and making systems more efficient, Emerging Technologies completely understands the obstacles government organizations face. Some of the problems facing many government organizations with respect to phone services include:

  • Rising Costs
  • Decreasing Budgets
  • Processing Inefficiencies
  • Customer Confidentiality
  • Security Concerns
  • Easy & fast access to informatio


Hello Government is an extremely cost-effective solution, as it enables government organizations to utilize advanced voice recognition solutions to maximize the benefits of E-Government when reaching the masses. Hello Government provides 24/7 access, improves E-Government services and covers a larger geographical area via the phone services.

Hello Government is designed to:

  • Consolidate multiple services with a well-designed and consistent caller interface
  • Provide callers with faster access to information and transaction services using voice recognition technologies
  • Recognize multiple Arabic accents and dialects, and provide multi-lingual support and an understanding of natural language
  • Allow barge-in callers to interrupt the system and speak without waiting for a prompt to finish
  • Provide universal commands at all times (i.e. the caller may ask for help, may choose to repeat prompts or request an operator at any time)
  • Provide large vocabulary voice recognition support for the names of streets, names, cities, etc.
  • Allow callers to transfer to a live agent, if necessary

Hello Government enables government organizations to:

  • Reduce contact center operating costs and provide better customer service by reducing the number of agent-assisted calls
  • Vastly improve customer satisfaction with quick access to a wide range of services which enable callers to finalize government procedures over the phone
  • Provide callers with 24/7 automated access to inquiries and complete transactions
  • Increase call center productivity by reducing agent-assisted calls, thereby shortening call durations, reducing call hold times and decreasing abandoned calls
  • Offer a wide variety of new, more complex information requests and transactions which were previously not possible or practical with touchtone systems
  • Eliminate the need for costly infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need for citizens to access the Internet
  • Turn service into a profitable business unit

Unlike IVR where customers are forced to navigate through countless menus via their telephone keypad, Hello Government allows customers to make instant inquiries and carry out transactions by simply speaking their requests using their own accents and dialect. These voice recognition solutions help government organizations by dramatically reducing the cost while greatly improving customer satisfaction and service.

Hello Government may include services such as:

  • Traffic fine inquiry
  • Directory listings
  • Visa and immigrations inquiries
  • Festival and recreation announcements
  • Utility bills inquiry
  • Registration expiry and renewal procedures
  • Public announcements
  • Accident reporting
  • Health services
  • Labor rules and regulations

Transactions which can be completed through Hello Government include:

  • Traffic fine payment
  • Utility bills payment
  • Municipality fine payment
  • Zakat payment