Hello Brokers

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What is Hello Brokers?

Hello Brokers provides customers with continuous and consistent brokerage services, at anytime and from anywhere. Hello Brokers provides voice access to stock quotes and market updates and allows customers to make account transactions using simple voice commands. Customers are able to access the latest stock quotes, track their transaction history, buy & sell stocks, change their address, update their account information and much more by simply using their own, natural voice!

What services does Hello Brokers provide?

Callers simply conduct their search by speaking their requests into the handset.

  • Hello Brokers recognises a caller's voice, natural language, local accent and dialect and eliminates the need to push any keys using Speech Recognition Technology.
  • Hello Brokers provides customers with a natural, human-like caller interface.
  • Hello Brokers provides unique flexibility to its customers by offering access to brokerage information and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from virtually anywhere.

What problems does Hello Brokers solve?

Customers need not wait for a live agent or deal with touch-tone menus when accessing their specific account information.
Hello Brokers allows live agents to deal with only higher value transactions, thereby saving money and increasing productivity.

  • Hello Brokers reduces the average transaction expense by 1/10 that of a live agent and 1/3 that of an IVR, which leads to a ROI in only 3 months.
  • Hello Brokers uses Speech Recognition Technology to allow customers to access their brokerage house by speaking their requests, thereby saving time.

How will Hello Brokers benefit my company?

  • Hello Brokers is built on a proven and flexible platform that delivers seamless performance and superior reliability. It is also capable of supporting any number of users and callers at any given time.
  • Hello Brokers uses a Biometric Voice Authentication interface which protects critical and sensitive interactions and provides secure access through the telephone.
  • The Biometric Voice Authentication interface enables customers to securely log into the Hello Brokers system based on the unique features of their voice. The system combines speech recognition and speaker verification to simultaneously identify and authenticate callers in one step.
  • Hello Brokers allows customers to transfer to a live agent, if necessary, thereby enabling call center agents to focus on productive calls.
  • Hello Brokers provides better brokerage services, such as faster access to stock quotes, via the telephone.
  • Customers are retained and churn is reduced by using Hello Brokers.
  • Hello Brokers is capable of deploying quickly and delivering packaged, flexible solutions.

What are the key features of Hello Brokers?

  • An automated authentication process reduces salary expenses, toll costs and hold times.
  • Speech Recognition Technology allows customers to access their brokerage house by using just their natural voice, thereby providing the fastest available brokerage service available by telephone.
  • Information services which can be received using Hello Brokers include stock quotes and trade information, as well as the client's transaction history, share holding statement, detailed account statement, portfolio, credit balance and profile inquiry.
  • Transaction service features include voice trading, secure access, account management, VIP trading and transactions. The Hello Brokers system also allows customers to place, execute, change and cancel orders.
  • Biometric Voice Authentication ensures personalisation and guarantees a safe and secure authentication.
  • Hello Brokers simulates natural, human conversation and provides a customer-friendly system.