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At Emerging Technologies, we’re proud to offer the industry’s best consulting services to help you strategically plan, develop and implement exceptional, automated phone-based customer service systems.

Strategy Development

In working with you to develop a strategy for the best customer service, our consultants will help determine how your company defines customer service and how to measure it. Then we’ll help assess the customer service you’re presently delivering, measure it against your competitors and develop a plan to make it the very best.



Our assessment will help:

  • Evaluate cross-channel experience
  • Plan self-service applications
  • Plan strategies for authentication and identification
  • Develop reporting strategies
  • Set performance metrics
  • Develop segmentation and routing strategies



We’ll work with you to develop a strategic plan that aligns your business goals and call center initiatives while reducing costs, increasing customer loyalty, and increasing revenue.

  • Assessment of cross-channel experience
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and technology needs
  • Determining what cross-channel technologies are needed
  • Strategies for segmentation and routing
  • Strategies for authentication and identification
  • Voice branding, persona branding
  • Support for decisions and sourcing for technology


Business optimization

With more than 20 years of experience and extensive deep vertical expertise, our business optimization services focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of contact center operations by enhancing performance and improving the customer experience.

Our services will:

  • Evaluate infrastructure and technology needs
  • Assess self-service application needs
  • Determine what Desktop/CTI strategies are needed for maximum agent productivity
  • Routing and segmentation strategy assessment
  • Launch support services
  • Performance reporting and metrics