Auto Attendant

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Hello Operator is a speech-enabled operator which greets and routes callers, instantly and accurately, to their destinations. It may also manage internal employee calls. Hello Operator, which eliminates live operator assistance, uses speech recognition technology and a friendly customer interface to automate your company's operator functions like call routing, directory information and frequently asked questions. Simply put, your callers can access everyone in your company, from anywhere, at any time, using just one phone number and speaking their natural voice!

What services does Hello Operator provide?

  • Hello Operator answers all incoming calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a natural user interface, thereby enabling callers to access a company directory by simply using their voice.
  • Hello Operator may also handle routine information requests, such as office hours and driving directions.
  • Hello Operator enables callers to access their desired company employee or department by simply speaking their request into the handset. It also allows employees to reach their co-workers or departments, as well as remote staff members in different branches and locations.

What problems does Hello Operator solve?

Hello Operator eliminates the need for callers to wait for a live operator, remember extension numbers or search for outdated corporate contact lists. Callers are able to immediately reach their desired employee or department by dialing just one number and speaking the name or department into the handset, thereby eliminating frustration and saving time. Hello Operator decreases telecom costs and eliminates on-hold time through different internal and external targeted greetings.

How will Hello Operator benefit my company?

  • Hello Operator helps improve company productivity and helps employees stay better connected using a voice automated system which facilitates internal and external communication.
  • Callers are connected in just seconds and multiple calls are handled simultaneously.
  • Callers need not wait for a live operator to direct them to the appropriate employee or department.
  • Callers are given instant access to continuous and consistent services, around the clock, through Hello Operator's Voice Auto Attendant.
  • Employees are able to change their contact numbers at any time and still be assured that callers are directed to them.
  • Hello Operator decreases telecom and operational costs by efficiently routing calls, providing information and significantly reducing hold times and call lengths.
  • Hello Operator allows company operators to focus on customer inquiries that require special attention instead of spending their day routing calls.
  • Employees can easily contact both in-house and remote staff.

What are the key features of Hello Operator?

  • An improved call reporting system gauges performance and effectiveness.
  • Internal and external, voice-activated dialing accommodates both callers and employees.
  • Multiple phone types are supported, thereby accommodating any type of caller.
  • Callers may interrupt the system and speak without waiting for a prompt to finish.
  • Callers are directed to a voicemail whenever the caller or destination is unavailable or on the line.
  • Hello Operator is designed to run on any PBX. It supports an unlimited amount of information and ports and can easily meet increased demands without experiencing performance deficiencies.
  • Hello Operator supports multiple accents/dialects and provides multi-lingual support.