Speech Recognition Case Study Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

KFH provides a wide range of Islamic and Sharia compliant products and services that cover a number of industries in the Arab World.

Emerging Technologies successfully developed and deployed Hello Banking - a bilingual (Arabic & English) speech recognition portal - giving KFH customers easy access to banking, real estate and commercial services over the phone. The solution enabled KFH to increase their customer satisfaction rates, improve the service's quality and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Industry: Banking & Finance

Project Type: Bilingual speech recognition banking portal


KFH's call center had to deal with increasingly high volumes of incoming calls, a large number of abandoned calls and many frustrated customers. KFH needed to quickly improve its customer service, reduce the duration of calls and queries, and automate as many parts of the support process as possible.



Emerging Technologies worked closely with KFH teams to develop, localize, test and implement the innovative Hello Banking solution which uses Nuance's speech recognition platform and Emerging Technologies' Arabic speech recognition application. The new solution, available in Arabic and English, provided callers a fast, efficient, automated and human-like customer support system.

KFH customers could now easily and quickly access their bank accounts over the phone, pay their bills, transfer money, order new services and much more without having to go through the labyrinth and frustration of traditional touch-tone menu systems or even speak to a live agent.



The introduction of the Hello Banking service brought KFH immediate benefits. Within 2 months of implementation, the customer satisfaction levels had increased dramatically and the average call duration was reduced by up to 27 seconds. The service which was initially only available to VIP customers is now in the process of being rolled out to KFH's entire customer base. As a result, the service's capacity will be increased from 60 to 210 telephone ports.


Customer Feedback

"Speech recognition has made it possible to deliver a simpler, faster and more user-friendly interface to our valuable customers. Thanks to Emerging Technologies' speech-enabled banking system, we have increased our customer satisfaction as well as improved our operational efficiency by providing a convenient 24/7, next generation speech-enabled phone banking."


Ehab Fawzi Madanat - Consultant Call Center