Dragon Helps The Environment To Go Green

Go Green, Go Paperless

While saving time, cost and providing better Healthcare Service

Benefits of going Paperless

1. Environmentally Friendly

If environmental issues are important to you and your hospital or you have clientele that care about these issues, going paperless can boost your status in the community. For example, digitization of your files will result in fewer photocopies, reducing hospital paper consumption. The less we use today means the more we leave behind for future generations. If you are part of the Green Revolution, making your business paperless is a great place to start.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

Storage costs represent a major expense. Typically, office space is second only to salaries in terms of cost, especially in large cities. As the piles of paper grow, so too do your storage costs. Scanning documents can substantially reduce storage costs by eliminating a significant portion of your paper files and the storage space required to store them. You can then put the space once used for storage to more productive use.

3. Increase Productivity

Call it a variant of Murphy‘s Law — when you need a paper file, it is inevitably located at the bottom of a large stack of files on the floor in the corner of somebody‘s office. For example, law firm personnel can spend literally hours every year looking for paper files. In an industry that typically charges by the hour, that‘s not a productive use of time.

4. Better Security

Paper documents are subject to two risks — physical theft and destruction from a variety of disasters (fire, flood, etc.). When you digitally store confidential documents, you can restrict access to your eyes only. For example, you can limit the access of sensitive patient information or specific reports files to selected people.

5. Improve Customer Service

At one time or another, everyone has been on the receiving end of the dreaded phrase ―I‘ll have to check the documents and get back to you.‖ Consider how much happier your customers would be if you could say, ―Let me pull up the document now and check for you,‖ resolving their question during a single phone call? As an added bonus, the ability to search documents makes it less likely that you‘ll overlook that key piece of information.

Dragon Medical

Well-written and accurate medical records are a fundamental part of delivering quality healthcare. Nuance Healthcare and Emerging Technologies jointly provide speech recognition solutions for healthcare organizations that help them streamline their clinical documentation process, resulting into a better patient care.


How can doctors and healthcare organizations…?

- Improve productivity and quality at the same time?
- Face financial pressure?
- Give more time to their patients?
- Speech-enable their clinical application?


Dragon Medical makes it possible for you to eliminate administrative overhead and dictation costs to deliver better quality of care in the context of unprecedented financial challenge. By using Dragon Medical, doctors can use their voice to efficiently navigate clinical systems and dictate medical decisions and treatment plans directly into a patient‘s electronic record.

Dragon Medical allows doctors to dictate in their own words, generating ‗once and done‘ documentation which they can dictate, edit and sign in succession. Doctors further accelerate the dictation process by operating macros to re-use frequently-dictated text.

- Up to 99% accuracy
- Close to 80 medical specialties and subspecialties

Key Benefits:

- Dictate, edit and sign your documentation in one step.
- Dictate in your own words directly in your clinical application.
- Facilitate EHR adoption and use, accelerate meaningful use of EHR
- Eliminate transcription costs and save huge amount of paper.
- Reduce report turnaround time and deliver clinical notes faster to your peers.
- Deliver discharge letters instantly and reduce hospital length of stay
- Spend more time with patients Improve doctor satisfaction

For More Information please contact:

Aboubakar Siddique 
Product Manager – MENA
Healthcare Division
+971 50 123 5375  

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