Who Knew A Dragon Could Type?

One of the most used parts of a computer is the keyboard.  People spend hours typing away on their keyboards and clicking their mouse.  Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to do that?  Believe it or not, Nuance Software has come up with a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking that lets you take your computer experience to a whole new level.


While there have been many people that have tried these types of programs,  it seemed as if they were only getting so-so reviews but with Dragon Naturally Speaking that is not the case.  It seems that the main issue is accuracy with speech to text software but most people do not realize that there is a training course that needs to be completed.  In order for your program to work at its best, it needs to get to know your voice.  This Nuance software is no exception to that rule.  The training that they have in their program is very detailed and it also grows and learns from you each time you use it.

While at first, it may seem tedious to do the training, it really makes the world of difference when it comes to talking to the program.  The more training you do, the more accurate your speech to text will be.  It is also important to train the program when you see that it makes a mistake so that it can learn from the mistake.  With the correct training, you can expect to get up to a 99% accuracy and the program will type 3 times faster then you could on your own.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is something that everyone can benefit from.   No matter if you are using it for personal use or if you are incorporating it into your business, you will find that you can get things done in a fraction of the time it normally takes you.  This is something that writers love as they can get so much more work done in such a short time which means a heftier income not to mention the fact that their hands are saved from hours of typing.  This means that people who suffer with conditions of the hands such as carpel tunnel, can enjoy their computer once again.

You can use this Nuance Software in other areas of your computer besides for documents.  You can talk commands to the program and have it surf the Internet without having to lift a finger.  You simply tell your computer where to go and what to open.  You can scroll through windows and even send text messages.  This truly is one of the best inventions for computers as it makes your computer experience more detailed and exciting.

Dragon Naturally Speaking comes in a variety of styles to meet your particular needs.  You can go with a standard type for your home needs or you can go with the preferred for some of the more advanced options.  They offer standard, preferred, legal, medical and professional versions so you can be sure to get one that will meet your needs.