Speech Recognition Technology Makes Calling AA Easier

According to American Airlines, their customers will be able to access flight information with the minimum of difficulty thanks to speech recognition technology.  This naturally improves its service to its customers, especially those who fly with them often.

Although speech recognition technology does replace the need for human employees it is meant only to increase customer service.  However it also means that the airline will be able to save money because the number of its employees has been reduced.

One of the features offered by American Airlines to all its clients is “Remember Me”.  When a customer has signed up as part of the airline’s frequent flier program, the system will not only greet them by their own name, but will also recognize their telephone number/s.  Each customer is permitted three telephone numbers from which to contact the airline that the system will remember.

American Airlines has said that information such as gate and flight information will even be provided to customers on the day they will be flying without the customer having to actually request the info.

Tellme is the company purchased by Microsoft in 2008 and this is the company that supplies speech recognition technology.

With the global economy in the state it is many companies are looking for ways to cut costs.  Because training employees for their call centers represents a large portion of their costs, this technology is beneficial in that way, too, as it saves the airline from having to train staff.

Tellme speech recognition technology has also been sold to other companies besides American Airlines.  One other company that has purchased it is Domino’s Pizza.

Of course, as of now this technology is not able to help people to secure a seat on a flight that is already fully booked.

Perhaps it will in the future.

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