Over 60 Percent On-Device Automation Rate Achieved by Mobile Care Solution - Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communication has announced that the recent trials and operation of the Nuance Mobile Care Solution has proved to considerably lessen calls that are forwarded to live agents by more than 60 percent. The Nuance Mobile Care affords clients with the ability to solve simple problems such as customer care and billing directly and instantly on the handset all on their own. This advancement in care applications eradicates waiting times for customer service agents, creates a large number of opportunities to operators all over the world to drastically lower cost and give superior customer experience.

Based on collective data from operations and assessments of Nuance Care in Europe and in North America, the implementation of self-service on handsets has resulted to real bottom line saving. An average live agent call costs about US$5 and the average monthly subscriber calls about once a month. With possible deflection of more than 60 percent of calls with an on-device, self service options, operators will realize the significant cost savings and allow for compelling business opportunity to expand self-service to mobile device, especially in the present economic state.

Tier 1 operators in the Europe and US are installing Nuance Mobile Care to help their customers resolve common problems automatically and directly on their mobile phones. Customers will be able to establish account inquiries or pay bills without having to wait in queue, which is really frustrating for users. An on-device self service will allow customers to gain more control of when and how they retrieve help and in a more appropriate and intuitive manner. Moreover, studies from independent focus groups have concluded that about 9 out of 10 users favored the ease and quickness that the Nuance Mobile Care Solution has provided over other customer service options.

Nuance Mobile Care had included the following features – view account and pay bills. With these capabilities, customers will be able to open and check their account information as well as pay bills directly on their mobile device.

Customers will also be able to check their current plan details as well as upgrade their plan depending on their usage.

With the Mobile Care support, customers can have support on a wide range of handset platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew and other operating systems.

Principal Analyst of Ovum, Tony Cripps said that the growing intricacy of the mobile handsets and services turned in to a drastic increase in customer care call volumes and consequential costs to operators. He added that the products which let operators fix common problems directly on a user’s device without connecting to a live agent provides both user experience and real cost saving advantage especially in the current economy.

Mikael Berner, SVP and GM Enterprise Division of Nuance Communications said that Nuance acknowledges that customer care is a key factor for operators worldwide as they find ways to lessen the churn and realize cost-savings at the same time, especially during these economic times. He said that Nuance Mobile Care is the solution that would meet both of those objectives concurrently. Mikael also added that Nuance believes that allowing for self-service application on the device will enhance the overall customer experience and eradicate the need for expensive and unnecessary human interaction and still provide the preferred self-service to customers. This is a huge leap for Nuance as well as its customers.

With Nuance vast portfolio of customer care and mobile solutions as well as longstanding mobile and enterprise relationships, it is positioned to deliver superior mobile care solution and accomplish a significant global opportunity that will benefit both the operator and their customers.

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