Nuance Speech Recognition Software Aids Army Doctors


Burlington Company Nuance Communications Inc., provides products including speech recognition software claimed that the US Army has placed orders for the Nuance’s Dragon Medical product for the use of its 10,000 doctors.

With the Dragon Medical, physicians will be able to develop medical documents and emails, search the internet using voice prompts. The company also added that the Medical Dragon is able to direct dictation into electronic health records or EHR. This device eliminates the reliance on typing and allows practitioners to spend more time with patients and practicing medicine. Nuance also claimed that, the Dragon Medical also allows for up to 25 percent less time on documenting care compared to using a non-voice enabled EHR.

Nuance now claims that the US Army’s decision to use Dragon Medical increases its users to more than 90,000 caregivers worldwide.

John Shagoury, Nuance’s healthcare division said in a statement that President Obama’s pledge for fully digitization of medical records within five years has placed a major pressure on 80 percent of doctors that have not yet migrated from paper to electronic patient records. Shagoury also added that although the Army and a growing number of physicians have succeeded in the transition, there are still many doctors who are struggling due to their need to document using the mouse and keyboard.

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