New Voice Recognition GPS by Garmin

A leading provider in navigation systems, Garmin recently released the first portable fully equipped voice recognition GPS device. The Garmin nuvi 880 features a widescreen navigator display with an array of pre-installed maps, an FM transmitter and hands-free capability. There is also real-time traffic, local weather, gas prices, movie times, stock market prices and much more. Voice Recognition GPS The voice recognition GPS feature of the nuvi 880 allows drivers to safely control the interface while keeping their hands on the wheel. Voice recognition can be activated by pushing a button on the remote control which conveniently attaches to the steering wheel. MSN Direct Aside from voice recognition GPS capabilities, the Garmin nuvi 880 also serves as a great personal travel assistant, as it allows you to access content from MSN Direct. Included with the package is a receiver and free trial to the MSN Direct service, which gives you the ability to check the traffic, weather, compare gas prices, obtain movie listings and stock details, along with local and national news events. Widescreen Display Garmin’s new voice recognition GPS device features a 4.3 inch display for easy viewing. The screen is designed with reflective technology which allows you to read directions despite sun glare. Pre-installed Maps The nuvi 880 comes loaded with street maps by City Navigator NT, along with tons of points of interests, including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, ATM machines and more. This voice recognition GPS device goes one step further by announcing the names of streets and exits, allowing you to drive safely while keeping your eyes on the road. Additionally, the nuvi 880 supports custom points of interests, giving you the ability to add school zones and other areas. Where am I? Integrated into the nuvi 880 is a handy application called Where Am I, a feature that offers the best of voice recognition GPS. Simply speak the phrase “Where Am I” to locate the nearest gas station, police precinct, hospital, address or intersection. Hands-free Calling The nuvi 880 enables safe hands-free calls by utilizing Bluetooth technology, which is integrated into the speaker and microphone. When pairing the device with a compatible mobile phone, all you have to do is dial or speak the phone number into the system’s touch screen keypad and the call is made. Convenient Design The nuvi 880 features a thin design and built-in antenna, making this voice recognition GPS device easy to slide into your purse or pocket. Extra FeaturesGarmin’s new device comes packed with several tools for traveling and entertainment. This includes an MP3 player, a JPEG image viewer, an audio book player, video games, an alarm clock, games and much more. With the FM transmitter, you can listen to a wide range of audio such as voice prompts, MP3 files and audio books through the vehicle’s stereo speakers. This voice recognition GPS unit also includes attractive features such as FM traffic alerts as well as an anti-theft feature called Garmin Lock. Furthermore, the nuvi 880 offers slots for microSD cards, which can be used to install Garmin Travel Guides for more detailed information on various attractions.

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