Naturally Speaking with Dragon 9

How would you like to ease your workload by naturally speaking with Dragon 9? Forget the strain of typing, until your fingers hurt and your wrists are sore. With Dragon 9, you can dictate emails, documents and even browse the Web hands free.The Improvements One of the problems with purchasing software is not being able to use it, when you have a new operating system. For example, when most of the computers came with Windows Vista, if you already hadvoice activation software, it no longer worked. However, the makers of naturally speaking software are quick to solve the problem with the Dragon 9 version. It is compatible with the new system, and also has the improvements to make the voice commands even easier. You are the Boss The best part of Dragon 9 is that you are the boss. You actually train the software to recognize how you speak, so it will recognize your words. You do not have to worry about being perfect in speech. The voice recognition software follows your lead. In fact, the longer you use the software, the more perfected the performance becomes. It is already programmed with a massive dictionary. But, you can even add the slang or pet words that you may have, even if they are not technically recognized by Webster. Naturally speaking with Dragon 9 is just that. Once you have it installed on your computer, it recognizes your voice, your commands, and puts you in the driver’s seat-hands free. So quit making your fingers do the walking, and start talking your way to success.