Increasing Productivity with Speech Recognition Softwares

At one time, the concept of speech recognition software existed almost exclusively in the world of science-fiction films. Remember the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey? This was probably the film that first popularized the concept of talking to a computer. When people first viewed this film, they look at speech recognition programs as pure fantasy. Today, they are a reality and can be used with your home and office computer.


There are two forms of speech recognition software. The first is text to speech and it involves highlighted text that is then “read” out loud over the computer’s speakers. The second version is speech to text, which is also commonly referred to as dictation software. This type of speech recognition program listens to a person’s dictation and then types it out on a word processing program. Only a few short years ago, these very helpful programs were quite expensive. Today, their prices have come down significantly and they are much more accessible for personal and business use.


There are a number of “unintended” benefits that using speech recognition software provides. One of these benefits is reducing the tension and stress that is commonly placed on the wrist and finger joints when typing for extended hours. Those who suffer from the very painful condition of carpal tunnel syndrome will attest to the discomfort that such pain can cause. In the past, there was no way to reduce such stress because their profession required significant amounts of typing. With the advent of Speech to Text and Text to Speech programs, the ability to perform the same amount of work with less physical exertion is possible.


Actual, the phrase “same amount of work” may not be an accurate one. The use of speech recognition software can lead to a significant increase in productivity. Quickly dictating into a speech to text program can lead prove to be much quicker than typing out lengthy documents or reports by hand. Also, the text to speech program can greatly enhance the ability to multitask. Rather than sitting and reading a webpage or document on a computer, the speech recognition program can read it to you while you are working on something else at the same time. For those who never seem to have enough time in the day, both text to speech and speech to text can help you get more work accomplished.


Some may wonder if these speech recognition programs are user friendly. The answer is yes as long as you properly install the programs and follow the necessary steps to acclimate the program to your voice. The programs offer an option to dictate a pre-written script that the program will use to determine you pattern of speech and pronunciation. Once completed, the speech recognition program will understand the way to talk and this will reduce dictation errors. In terms of the text to speech program, you will have the option of altering the program’s voice. This way, you can make the program clearer and easier to understand.


Yes, speech recognition programs have arrived and they have the potential to forever alter the way you interact with your computer. Yes, the space odyssey has now moved to the earth.

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