Improve Medical Transcription Using the Dragon System

Do you need to accomplish all your text documents, maintain your accuracy and quality as well as increase your productivity? You can improve your medical transcription tasks using the Dragon system.

Today you can use voice recognition software that allows you to voice to text anything that needs to be included in your transcripts. It has the ability to learn to recognize many types of dialects, accents, pitch of voice and voice volume. This mean anyone on your staff will be able to use it to accomplish their duties.

While using the Dragon system you can improve your financial performance when you reduce the cost of transcription as well as the cost of creating any electronic transcripts. It also reduces the amount of turnaround time, which allows for effectively putting in place any health care plans for your patients.

Dragon System Features

Various medical transcription benefits are of great assistance to you and your staff, since this is a highly productive platform for any physician or medical transcriptionist. Gone are the days of having to transcribe medical records from scratch. Here are some of the amazing features you can be using today to improve your productivity and accuracy with medical transcription.

Dictation Features

The features of dictation are most resourceful when you consider the use of real-time speech recognition that allows you to create full medical reports without having to rely on transcription services whether you are mobile or computer based. There are work lists that aid in eliminating demographic entries, command shortcuts that provide automated repetitive tasks, which always saves you time. The customized templates fill in all required fields and defaults for you, you have voice control when using voice normals as well as the ability to add words for the expansion of recognition precision.

Transcription Features

There are various transcription features available to make your business run more smoothly. For instance, you have dictation playback available whether you are using a foot pedal or a keyboard, speech editing, shortcut keystrokes that enables you to edit punctuation and a pause suppression feature that helps reduce long silent periods during dictation. While transcribing there is an independent cursor that allows you to continue with the dictation playback while you edit anything else in the document you are working on. The automatic formatting provides ease in completing proper punctuation and automatic headings for each physician on staff. It can learn the document styles and structures preferred by each physician and then automatically correct any grammar mistakes, while learning all the new medical terminology. In fact, it can even examine the dictation and accuracy of speech recognition of each physician to determine whether they are good candidates for its programming use. That is very impressive in itself.

Document Distribution Features

It features an inclusive set of rules for automating the distribution of all your finished documents to everyone no matter their location. This system can help you meet any complex distribution requirement. Your documents are deliverable by email, fax or print depending upon your needs, whether you require multiple signatures, proxy signatures, addendum support or even carbon copies.

Reporting Features

Online reporting allows you to manage your process of transcriptions, summarize data, summarize dictation and transcriptions, backlog, TAT as well as manipulate your data.