HCA’s Radiology Reports Cuts Off Turnaround Times With The Speech Recognition System

A central London Healthcare facility, the HCA International, has launched a speech recognition -based radiology reporting on 12 sites. This advancement has lowered the average report creation times from the previous 12 hours to only 2:40 minutes. Acceptance level on radiologist has exceeded the 60% goal by the end of the project. And with the two-thirds on the launch completed, over 96 percent of total dictations are already being processed through speech recognition.

Imaging Informatics Manager of HCA International Kaye Bonython said in a case study made by speech recognition provider Nuance Communications Inc., that the high adoption levels indicates that the profiles are excellent , reports are coming on faster and that integration is optimal.

However, HCA International had to deal with certain issues and concerns at the beginning. Kaye Bonython admitted that people had negative experience with speech recognition before and thought that it would only use too much time and that it would only add to their reporting schedule. Bonython also added that the first negative thought just disappeared soon as radiologist recognized the technology and had evolved to a state where it could enhance timing.

HCA puts much importance on affording patients with timely reports. According to Kay Bonython, many patients come to get an imaging procedure before their meeting with an outpatient consultant. They of course want to have the image done immediately, get the report and leave. There is no reservation on the improved service due to the speech recognition, and they are aware that their consultant can base decision using both the right image and the right report. HCA gives their patience a higher level of confidence.

Yearly, HCA International conducts about 330,000 radiology exam. Their 160 radiologist serve about 5,000 referring physicians. For faultless system launching, the HCA included the senior physicians to lobby for speech recognition.  Essential resources were provided to trainings as well as a champion at very site for top of the line support. One-to-one training sessions of three hours each where made for every user, to lessen their early reluctance and eventually build confidence as users need not only had to be used to speech recognition but on a new digital recording hardware as well.

HCA International opted for the SpeechMagic, Nuance’s speech recognition technology after the six-week long pilots of three products which had been completely included into the organization picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) to direct possible implementation issues before the actual launching.

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