The Evolution And Progress Of Voice Software

Voice software is an innovative idea, but one that faltered a little upon its inception. The first voice software products had many issues and problems that made them difficult to work with and generally more of a hassle than a solution. During recent years, it has greatly improved and now voice dictation and other voice software products are proving to be a great business solution.

How Voice Software Works

A voice recognition program can take dictation, turning words into text or it can work as an automated phone system, answering and routing incoming calls. That is not it, though, voice programs can enable you to do so much more, benefiting your business, your employees and your customers.

Programs and software can make computers more efficient allowing voice controls of different computer functions. This makes for a hands free option to allow for greater work production. It is a multi-tasker’s dream program.

Basic Features

Voice software must always be trained. The program must be trained to recognize the way different people speak. This training process is an important part of implementing the system, but once trained, the program virtually runs smoothly. Some programs even have features which allow the program to continue learning and have the ability to recognize mistakes and correct them on its own.

Voice dictation requires learning to use the program. These types of programs work best if the user tries to speak naturally when dictating. This suits the program better and reduces error rates. Additionally, a user must learn to insert punctuation, like commas, that the program may not insert. In time, this will become a natural part of the process.

Each program will be different, but some common features included in voice software are command features that allow you to do simple desktop tasks, like closing programs. Some programs will have a feature that scans you’re “My Documents” folder so it can learn frequently used words. This feature will speed up training.

Program Options

One of the top voice programs on the market for voice dictation is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This program features mistake correction tools and program self training. Another good program is ViaVoice that has a special feature that allows the program to pick up on the way you speak, allowing it to better understand you and simplifying the training process.

When choosing a program you need to focus on your needs. If your main needs are voice dictation then look for a program tailored to dictation. If you need something for customer service or phone operations, then look for that type of program. It is smart to look at demos of the product options so that you can see what program may best suit you.

Voice programs have many uses in business and even personally. People from many different industries, with a range of job titles, find this technology to be something that is beneficial in today’s marketplace. It can completely change how you work and how you do business. For a company integrating this type of program into their operations it can mean a huge savings of time and money. The early programs may have scared some people away, but the changes and advances have made voice recognition technology something usable and beneficial.

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