Etisalat Receives Award For Customer Care From The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute

Etisalat received the customer care award because of their excellent customer service which even met the highest of international standards. Because Etisalat has such a strong corporate culture and are also very passionate about their customers receiving the best service possible it is no wonder that they were given this prestigious award. It was presented to them by the chairman of the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, Mr. Ali Al Kamel. As part of their company policy, Etisalat ensures that whenever new employees join the company they immediately become part of the company’s quality mandate. This is achieved through understandable and very highly structured procedures that are followed. These procedures enable the managers to ensure that the systems in place are able to assist the staff so that they will give their best service possible. Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Etisalat, Mr. Nasser bin Obood was the one who received the award from the undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Economic Development Department at the seventh GCC Government and Business Customer Care Conference which was held at the Burj al Arab. When choosing the recipient of the award the panel of judges bases their decision on a number of different factors. These include quality of service, the company’s ability to make good use of modern services in an attempt to enhance their customer’s experiences. Besides being held in order to motivate companies to perform to ever higher levels of excellence, the awards also motivate them to render quality services and to strive to ensure that their customers receive the best in customer care. Of course, the awards also help to illustrate just how important this is for the regional economy. Etisalat puts its customers first. As a customer of theirs you can expect great convenience whether at their retail outlets or when making use of their customer care operations. Even their twenty-four hour customer call center makes use of the latest in interactive voice response (IVR) technology. But Etisalat has carried its customer care quality even further by launching an e-support package online. This package can be downloaded from their web site and it deals with Internet problems and solutions. This saves the customer from having to contact the call centeror having to go to one of their business centers for assistance. Saving the customer both time and effort. Etisalat has received other awards besides the one already mentioned. In the Middle East this company holds the title of Best Operator and has done so a total of five times in only three years. It also holds the title for Best International Carrier in the world, an award it was given at the World Communications Awards. As a result of the expert leadership and commitment to strive for excellence, Etisalat is now one of the world’s largest operators, with subsidiaries in eighteen other countries.

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