Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0

If you want to try one of the best voice activation software on the market, but you do not want to break your piggy bank, try Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0. It has already been outdated by its big brother, version 10, but it is still a great program.

Personally Speaking

dragon-naturally-speaking-80.jpg The Dragon program can do almost anything your fingers can, when using the computer. If it cannot, it is probably something you will never use in the first place. The software will help you open all of your programs, create emails, type documents, and surf the Web. It might even help you play computer games; but, you will have to check that out for yourself.

Personal Computing

Of course, Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 is a very personal program. You will have to take the time and train it to recognize your voice. The software does not care if you have an accent or any special speech patterns. It will learn your voice, while you are learning the commands it will recognize. But, after the learning process, you will be able to use the computer much faster than you do right now. It types faster than most people. It can quickly enter and exit multiple programs. Plus, it can help you surf the Web, even if you have multiple tabs open at one time. Even for people who have no problem using the computer Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 is awesome. But, if you suffer from arthritisor strain injuries, it can be a real miracle.