Digital Recorders – Can they help?

Most people find that they lead such busy lifestyles that they hardly have time to do much anything outside of work.  With your mind going in so many different directions it can be simple to forget things.  Who has time to write things down anymore?  This is where it can be very helpful for you to invest in a digital recorder to help get things under better control.  You will be surprised at how much a difference it will make to use a dictation recorder.


When these digital recorders first came out they were found mainly with doctors using them for their medical dictations where their notes were concerned regarding their patients.  They would dictate their notes rather then take the time to write them in the chart.  The recordings are then sent to a medical transcriptionist who listens to the tapes and transcribes the verbal notes to paper.  This saves doctors so much time as they can focus more on their patients then to writing the notes in the charts.

It seems that many speech to text programs are jumping on board to include digital recorders in the mix.  So what does this mean?  This means that what ever you are recording on your digital recorder can then be plugged into your dictation software and turned into a text document.  This illuminates the need to listening to the recording and putting into a text document on your own.  This is especially for those who do a great deal of their business with documents.  Just think of the time you will save when you no longer have to be stuck to the computer writing those reports.

The amount of time that you can record on a dictation recorder varies so you will want to decide how much space you will need and how long the battery life is so you will know how long it will last.  There are some of the digital recorders that will last up to 63 hours.  These digital recorders also come with software and a USB connector so that you can hook it right up to your computer for ease in managing your files.  You simply then let the software do the work for you.  It will take your voice and turn into a text document.  Keep in mind that you will still have to go over the document as the software can make mistakes in what it hears.

The size of these digital recorders is also another attractive feature to consider.  They are very compact and will fit easily right in your pocket or purse for ease of access.  You will also get a choice of how you want to dictate.  This means that you can set it to record only when it hears voices or it will record constantly.  With the first method, you will save much more space on the recorder as it will be voice activate and it will go into a sleep mode when there is no sound.  When you make your choice be sure to look into the recording time and the features that the dictation recorder can offer you.