Arabic Poetry At The Touch Of A Button!

Saudi Telecom (STC) recently launched its new gem of a product – Same3ni poetic passages.  Same3ni is the first of its kind, following the same voice recognition technology that made Same3ni Tadawul so popular. Same3ni allows subscribers to listen to famous poems right on their mobile phones or telephones.  All you need to do is dial 1401 and you can follow the latest releases from your favorite poets in the Gulf region.

In a world of fast-paced technology, it is good to know that STC also values the arts, and lets their clientele know that there is more than one way of appreciating literature.  When you feel the need to touch base with the humanities side of your mind and soul, you do not have to go to the library and pour over dusty old books. Poetry now has the ability to become accessible to anyone who wishes for it at any given time. When you feel that you are in the mood for a bit of relaxing art, dial 1401 and Same3ni voice recognition technology lets you listen to your favorite passages right on your mobile phone or land phone.

Same3ni does not only give you the opportunity to know about the latest poetic passages, you also get to listen to the voice of the poets themselves, making the readings more memorable and emotional.  For example, hear the passages of  “Shaer Al Million” wherever you may be and share it with your special someone right away. A lot of people are grateful for the chance to feed their souls with a good poem or two.

STC’s aim to provide their clientele with the best services has been proven successful yet again with this latest launch.  By dialing 1401 on your mobile phone or telephone, you get to listen to the newest poetic passages in the author’s voice anytime, anywhere.  You also get first hand information on the most recent poetry competitions all over the Arab region.  Not only that, you are sure to hear the passages in high quality as STC continues to explore the many advantages of voice recognition technology.

Same3ni (1400) allows callers to get the latest information in various areas of interest like Islamic studies, the news, religion, culture, sports, and lifestyle. STC’s latest Same3ni falls under the recreational category, allowing clients to access the artistic world of poetry.  STC proves itself worthy of being the leader in providing the latest and most innovative technologies; voice recognition being one of them, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Same3ni (1402) also known as Same3ni Tadawul, lets callers gain valuable information on the stock market and the capital market. This includes share prices, market summaries, company announcements, trends in value, quantity, and closing prices as well as other market indicators such as traded shares and other transactions.

The beauty of Same3ni voice recognition technology is that it caters to all segments of the market.  STC provides information on women’s stories, fashion, and various other subjects 24/7.  This latest addition – poetry and songs – lets those who enjoy a little bit of romance be accustomed to having immediate access to the latest developments in that area.

Never has the world of poetry been given so much importance in the modern world; it almost seems as if this artistry has been relegated to those who are more inclined to research in the traditional manner.  With Same3ni, STC leads the way to taking a radical approach to open up the way for new and old poets to get their passages into the mainstream and for more people to be aware of them. Same3ni is designed to invite this generation to try a way that can get them out of a stress-filled environment into a world where they can find fodder for their souls.

The "Same3ni" service has been designed, developed and implemented by Emerging Technologies, the first United Arab Emirates software application developer of Arabic (also available in English and Hindi) voice recognition solutions, using its Simply Speak! innovative technology.

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